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Cancel the maximum price or a foregone conclusion most drug price is difficult to rise

Source:医药网 Date:2014-12-2

Market sources said, after afterwards to seek the views of the price department, the national development and Reform Commission has begun to seek advice on drug price reform program to the industry association, and is expected to be in January next year began to implement a yesterday. Industry analysts believe that prices of market-oriented reform is an inevitable trend, but in the current bidding rules, drug prices and not by leaps and bounds.
Most drugs in the price lower than the price
According to reports, the national development and Reform Commission recently to the China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association, China Association of traditional Chinese medicine and other eight Industry Association issued a "promote the drug price reform program (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "draft"), show drug price deregulation is gradually advancing. Actually, drug price reform last year, has put forward, in August this year, the national development and Reform Commission initially come up with drug price management reform program, and discussed at the October National Price Bureau Secretary for the forum.
All the signs indicate that the abolition of the maximum retail price of drugs has become a foregone conclusion. According to the plan, after the release of drug price, through the Medicare control costs and bid procurement, drug the actual transaction price is formed by market competition; and of blood products, the national unified purchasing medicines and contraceptives, a kind of spirit and narcotic drugs, cheap drugs basically use the current policy. "Draft" shows that the implementation of the price reform for the next year in January 1st.
CITIC construction investment analysis believes that the future market oriented reform is inevitable trend, but under the existing rules, the majority of drug bidding price is far below the highest retail price, even if the development and Reform Commission released the highest retail price control, the majority of pharmaceutical production companies are difficult to guarantee the price increases and can guarantee the successful bidder. Debon securities also believes that after the reform of prices of drugs certainly far less than under competition and the price of many, most of them do not rise up.
In yesterday's 2014 China pharmaceutical circulation industry annual conference, Professor cure of the State Council Advisory Committee of experts on the Committee Fang Zhiwu also pointed out, drug reform program reflects the regulatory approach is from the tube "medicine bags" to "pocketbook" tube, pipe the results to process pipe from the, but at the same time preventing from the cap to the risk management of the waiver.
By discount rebate promotions will not exist
China Association of pharmaceutical business, released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the first "Chinese medicine circulation industry development blue book pointed out that the drug price reform formation mechanism of the core is the reconstruction of the drug market competition mechanism. And for the pharmaceutical companies and drug prices for the new formation mechanism and the establishment of a sound, that the original on the day of discount, rebate promotions will no longer exist, medicine production and circulation system will take place fundamental change.
Combination of policy and performance
CSC: attention blood products related to the company China Orchid biology, Tiantan Biological, Boya bio, Shanghai RAAS, fixed-point production enterprise including humanwell medicine, Enhua pharmaceutical, Sinopharm shares, Hengrui medicine, Xianju pharmaceutical.
Huarong Securities: now the pharmaceutical sector in vacuum performance, with the policy and the performance of stock selection, on the one hand continue in three quarterly performance improved stocks in looking for opportunities, on the other hand can also pre layout to adjust more blue chip stocks
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