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MITSUBISHI pharmaceuticals for sale in Guangzhou factory, Shuai Guang, "green cross"

Source:医药网 Date:2014-12-2

On November 25, is located in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Luogang Mitsubishi Pharma (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. hang a new plate "Guangzhou Green Cross Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.", the previously by Japan Tanabe Mitsubishi Pharma wholly-owned subsidiary has two months ago quietly owners.
China and Japan cultural differences are the root cause, whether it is the production management or external market management, MITSUBISHI is not a good fit and grasp, so as to lead to today's situation. A person involved in the acquisition of the negotiations on the economic report of twenty-first Century reporter revealed.
With the sale of the factory in Guangzhou, the Japanese field MITSUBISHI pharmaceutical entities in China's real investment institutions are now only the Tianjin plant and the representative office in Beijing and Shanghai. Twenty years of ups and downs, the development of Mitsubishi Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Factory is Japanese companies in China the true epitome, the overall progress of the reform, deepen the the global top 50 pharmaceutical enterprises to feeling, and ultimately chose to withdraw.
The new disc is a handsome Guangdong Pharmaceutical Co., ltd.. In addition to MITSUBISHI pharmaceutical factory outside Guangzhou, but also from the hands of the Japanese side of the purchase of green cross brand name, and the establishment of Guangzhou Green Cross Pharmaceutical Co., ltd.. According to general manager of the handsome wide Medicines Co Liang Feng revealed that the handsome wide program with 3 years to upgrade the green cross sales to 5, 5 hundred million years to reach 1 billion of the sales scale, and as a basis, to complete the listing of the preparatory work, open up the capital operation of the channel.
Shuai Guang pick Green Cross
In 1991, the Japanese Green Cross Corporation in Guangzhou set up Green Cross pharmaceutical companies and factories in Guangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone to produce amino acids injection and fat emulsion injection. In 2006, the Japanese Green Cross and MITSUBISHI pharmaceutical integration, Guangzhou plant officially renamed MITSUBISHI Pharmaceutical (Guangzhou) Co., ltd..
October 1, 2007, Tian Bian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and MITSUBISHI pharmaceutical company officially merged into Japan's sixth largest pharmaceutical company. At present, Tian Bian MITSUBISHI pharmaceutical companies for the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, in the last year, the global pharmaceutical companies ranked thirty-first in the rankings.
And the sale of the factory in Guangzhou for Mitsubishi Pharma's wholly owned subsidiary, is the first GMP certification through the infusion production enterprises, currently has a total of 16 intestinal external nutrition preparation approval, including seven fat emulsion, amino acids 9. Products in addition to supply the domestic market is also exported to Asia, Europe and other 11 countries last year, the company's output value of about 100000000 yuan.
Liang Feng refused to disclose the amount of the transaction on the grounds of confidentiality. But according to informed sources, MITSUBISHI Guangzhou company has four amino acids are the original research products, fat milk and amino acid 18AA (national base) to enjoy the state alone pricing, plus plant and green cross brand, the overall valuation of about 200000000 yuan.
It is understood, in addition to handsome outside, Liaoning Sea Cisco and Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group are involved in the factory of Guangzhou Mitsubishi's bid, but ultimately did not succeed. "In fact, the price is not the highest, the Japanese MITSUBISHI proposed development plan for the more valued." A participant in the negotiations said.
Statistics show that last year, the overall market size of China's nutritional medicine is about 20000000000 Yuan, of which eight become parenteral nutrition. The fat milk market size of about 80.
With the gradual advance of medical reform, the domestic market is becoming increasingly fierce competition in the infusion. The rapid rise of in recent years, with the capital leverage Sichuan columbine (002422.SZ), at present has occupied nearly 40% share of the market of national infusion. In addition, Hubei Bafeng medicament, Jiangsu Dingye biochemistry, Guangzhou Overseas Chinese pharmaceutical, Anhui BBCA pharmaceutical, Yichang Three Gorges pharmaceutical pharmaceutical companies also has entered the field of amino acid injection.
In beam beacon seems, as a veteran of the infusion manufacturing enterprise, green cross brand deeply rooted in the minds of many doctors and patients and after years of clinical testing, product safety, effectiveness and stability have been fully affirmed. Liang Feng stressed that the re return of the Green Cross Pharma will retain the original company's production ideas and norms, in the management mode, Shuai Guang and Green Cross will be integrated to achieve management localization. While on sale, the new company will take the mode of cooperation in the national selection of outstanding dealers.
"In addition, we will be in the next year, that is, the size of the expansion of our plant in 2015. At present, our production capacity is relatively low, full load production, but also less than 20000000 bottles, and through the expansion, the annual capacity of amino acids will reach 50000000 bottles." Liang Feng said.
Since the development of new drugs on the need for a huge, MITSUBISHI pharmaceutical parent company MITSUBISHI chemistry in recent years has focused on the business focus from molecular chemistry medicine and medical services. The involvement of the negotiations on the twenty-first Century economic report confirmed that the main reason for the sale of MITSUBISHI's Guangzhou plant is to cooperate with the parent company of MITSUBISHI chemical health care business.
Reporters noted that since last year, Mitsubishi Pharma in the field of biological drugs frequently shot: first to total $3.57 billion holding Canadian vaccine research and development company Medicargo60% equity, in April this year and set up the life science research; next, in May this year, Mitsubishi Chemical announced spend about 10 billion yen acquisition of Japan's largest industrial gases company Dayang, acid.
In addition, Dayang chemical business acid, storage device also use the sales operation of medical gas and cell freezing.
It is understood that although the MITSUBISHI Guangzhou company has 2 product specifications is a separate pricing, but the city in 2013

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