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Implementation of a number of regulations and regulations in December 1st

Source:医药网 Date:2014-12-2

Since December 1st, a number of new regulations and regulations have begun to come into effect. How many children can foster a foster family? What is the maximum number of enterprise security incidents will be fined? Crime of selling fake or substandard drugs, which will be severely punished? These are clearly in the new regulations.
Maximum security incidents can be fined 20000000 yuan
The newly revised production safety law shall be implemented in December 1st. The revised production safety law further increased the penalties for illegal activities of the production and operation units. Law provides that the occurrence of accidents in production units, in accordance with the general, the larger, major, especially major four types of accidents were sentenced to a minimum of two hundred thousand yuan to a maximum of twenty million yuan fine.
To solve the problem of lax enforcement, in the safety of production accident prevention, the law provides that the safety supervision and management departments should be in accordance with the requirements of classification and grading supervision and inspection plan, and in accordance with the annual supervision and inspection plan to carry out supervision and inspection, found that the accident hidden trouble, should be promptly processed.
At the same time, the law also makes a provision to the township government in terms of safety production, the local people's government and the local people's government agencies should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the production and operation units in the administrative area, assist the people's governments to fulfill their regulatory responsibilities, and clearly the township government should strengthen the supervision of safety production.
Street children were incorporated into the family foster care
December 1st, the Ministry of Civil Affairs introduced the formal implementation of the family foster care management. Management approach, the number of foster children in foster care for each child shall not exceed two, and the family has no children under six years of age. Children with disabilities in foster care should be given priority to the selection of the foster family in the community with the conditions of medical treatment, special education and rehabilitation training.
Management measures to expand the scope of children in foster care, not only provisions under eighteen years of age, custody at or above the county level civil affairs departments of the local people's Government of orphans, the search to students parents of abandoned babies and children may be in foster care is also proposed "the vagrants and other life without the minors bearing bear temporary guardianship responsibility to protect minors relief agencies to carry out the family foster care, referring to the execution".
In order to make the suitable foster children return to more stable and healthy families, the management method is clear about the conditions of the living conditions, income levels, health status, moral behavior, and the age of the main caregivers.
The maternal infant to be severely punished for selling counterfeit drugs poison
The Supreme Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate jointly developed the "interpretation on Several Issues concerning the application of law in the handling of drug safety hazards in criminal cases" on December 1 onwards, seven kinds of situations will be severely punished. Including: production, sales of counterfeit drugs to pregnant women, infants, children or critically ill patients as the main object; production, sales of counterfeit drugs belonging to narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, toxic drugs for medical use, radioactive drugs, contraceptive drugs, blood products, vaccines; production, sales of counterfeit drugs are drugs, emergency medicine injection; the staff of medical institutions, medical institutions, production and sale of counterfeit drugs; during natural disasters, accidents, public health events, social security incidents and other emergencies, production, sales of counterfeit drugs used to respond to emergencies; within two years because of drug safety hazards criminal activities received administrative punishment or criminal punishment; the other shall be severely punished discretion case.
Interpretation also further clarify the production, sales of counterfeit drugs, the behavior of the scope of an accomplice. According to the interpretation, to provide financial help, technical support for production, raw material supply of accessories, advertising and other help, according to the law in accordance with the production and sale of counterfeit and substandard drugs crime accomplice convicted and punished.
(source: Medical Network)

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