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China will develop and publish the 2012 edition of the national essential drug list

Source:医药资讯网 Date:2012-7-5

Yin Li, Vice Minister of the Ministry of health, 3, said that this year will develop and publish a national essential drug list for all levels of medical institutions in 2012, regulate the behavior of all parts of the supplement, to better meet the basic needs of the masses.
The World Health Organization since 1977 announced the "basic drug model directory", the latest version of a total of 358 drugs; China published the first edition of the national essential drug list, 2009 announced a new version of the national essential drug list (basic level), a total of 205 chemical drugs and biological products. In July 2011, the basic drug system covers all the government run medical institutions in china. Basic drugs and a comprehensive policy to cancel the basic drug prices fell by an average of three into.
Yin Li 3 in the national drug policy and basic drug system work conference pointed out that China's basic drug directory varieties less, the structure is irrational, the lack of uniform standards for drug procurement, vicious competition lead to part of the cheap, emergency medicine shortage, the lack of basic pharmaceutical talents, the hospital and the basic medical treatment, two-way referral; basic medical treatment is weak; the overall framework of drug policy has not yet been formed, law and regulations need to improve.
Yin Li stressed the need to comprehensively summarize and analyze the 2009 edition of the directory and the use of supplementary drugs, combined with clinical path based medical services, adhere to the optimization structure, safety and management, improve policy, the basic requirements, and the county public hospital reform, major public health service projects, major disease protection, chronic disease prevention and control, clinical path implementation and major new drug creation and special organic convergence, to achieve the orderly, scientific, appropriate.
At the same time, Yin Li also asked all levels of health administrative departments in 2012 to expand the implementation of the basic drug system, standardize the basic drug centralized procurement mechanism, formulate and improve the basic drug use policy, strengthen the relevant management institutions and management personnel, improve the supervision evaluation mechanism, and gradually form a central level unified coordination of national drug policy, and promote medical care, medicine, medical Internet interaction.
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