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Seven ministries: China will set up a blacklist of pharmaceutical companies and the news media exposure

Source:医药资讯网 Date:2012-11-6

For the national development and Reform Commission, the people's Bank of China, Ministry of industry and other seven ministries jointly issued on Further Strengthening the work of drug safety credit system guidance (hereinafter referred to as guidance), the national development and Reform Commission, said yesterday, for the pharmaceutical production and management companies, the relevant departments will set up a blacklist system, and in all levels of news media and websites to disclose and exposure.
"Guiding opinions" mainly from the two aspects, on the one hand, from the aspects of drug safety, through strengthening credit construction, reduce drug development, production, circulation and use of credit risk, such as "establish and improve the credit system of drug development," "build a sound pharmaceutical enterprise product quality credit management system", "improve the drug distribution system, improve access and withdrawal mechanism", etc.. On the other hand, from the operating mechanism construction and security measures, to promote the establishment of drug safety credit system, such as to accelerate the integration of credit information resources in the pharmaceutical industry, the establishment of a sound credit classification supervision mechanism, etc., a total of 13 aspects.
Among them, the promise of a joint discipline as a constraint on the content of particular concern, the responsible person said, to further clarify the behavior of the administrative penalties for dishonesty, on this basis, the departments based on drug production and management of corporate dishonesty records, the main body of dishonesty in the implementation of administrative supervision and management of joint discipline.
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